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State Forest Management Centre’s (RMK) Kõrvemaa Spring Run 2015


1. Organization
RMK Kõrvemaa Spring Run takes place on Sunday, April 24, 2016 as a competition in the RMK Kõrvemaa Four Series Event.
The Spring Run is organized by Sport Event Team.


2. Start and finish arrangement
The start and finish are located at Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski Resort. The track mostly runs along forest roads and gravel roads of the Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. The track is marked. For safety reasons, participants are to follow instructions by traffic controllers.


16 km (competition track): joint start at 12:15 noon. There are three water stops on the track (5.5 km, 10.5 km, 14.3 km).
6 km (health track): joint start at 1:00 PM. There is one water stop on the track.
The 6 km track is not a competitive track and participants’ ranking is determined based on the finish protocol. There is no separate award ceremony.

The 16 km and 6 km tracks may be covered running, walking or Nordic walking.


Start groups
Start group I: 1-150
Start group II: 151-300
Start group III: 301-...


Start groups for the 16 km race are compiled from pre-booked participants, taking into account results of the 2015 and 2014 RMK Spring Run. Earlier results are taken into account for participants that register for the race no later than on April 19, 2016; however, the same race numbers will not be guaranteed. Elite runners are individually placed in start group I. To ensure the start is safe and secure, the organizers may also place in start group I licensed athletes of the Estonian Athletic Association that registered for the race later. Each runner must start in their designated start zone; participants starting from a wrong start zone are disqualified.


The 6 km track is a health track; there are no start groups, and all runners start in start group I.
Kids’ Runs take place from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski Resort.
The Kõrvemaa Spring Run finish line closes at 3 PM.


3. Participants
The 16 km track is open to all participants that love to run and are sufficiently trained to cover the distance. By way of exception, minors are allowed on the track as subject to consent by a parent and trainer.

Runners participate at their own risk (in the case of minors, at the risk of a parent or guardian). Potential participants are recommended to undergo a pre-registration health check to have a doctor confirm their capacity to cover the relevant distance.


4. Registration
Participants are registered at www.jooks.ee. To register, complete the registration form (in Estonian).
The participant’s name will be displayed in the start protocol after the participation fee has been paid. The participation fee can be paid through online banking after completing the registration form. 

A participant’s successful registration is confirmed by their name appearing in the start protocol. The start protocol is displayed on the competition website. The participant’s race number will be added to the protocol within 15 minutes after paying the participation fee (if using online banking). Paying by a separate wire transfer, the participant will receive their race number within five days after payment.
Online registration closes at 5 PM on Friday, April 22.

Participants may also register on-site on the completion day starting from 10 AM. Registration closes 10 minutes before the start.


Group registration

To register a group, the group registration form must be completed.

Group registration is open until 5 PM of April 19.
Editing of the amendable fields (name, e-mail, mobile phone, club, company) in the group registration system is free for group representatives though April 19.
Upon registration, group participation fees may be paid directly through online banking or on the basis of an invoice sent to the group representative’s e-mail address. Group members are registered in the start protocol immediately after payment has been made through online banking or within five days from when the invoice is paid. Paying through online banking, a confirmation invoice may be ordered to a relevant e-mail address, confirming the payment of the participation fees.
Should you be unable to register through our website, contact us at jooks@jooks.ee. We will then send you a registration form.


5. Re-registration
Re-registration is open until 5 PM on April 19, 2016. Later re-registration will not be possible. The applicable fee is EUR 10 for changing a name, and EUR 10 plus the difference in participation fees for changing the distance. Upon re-registering, the re-registration fee must be transferred to the bank account of the organizer Sport Event Team (MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi), with the transfer’s purpose noted as: earlier participant’s name, new participant’s name and new participant’s personal ID code (e.g.: instead of Mari Karu, the participant for 16 km is Mari Unt 4851212xxxx). Changing the distance, note the participant’s name and the applicable distance change (Mari Karu’s re-registration from 16 km to 6 km).


6. Entry fees:
16 km
6 km

Family pass (2 adults and one child or more children of no more than 14 years of age)  

Until March 31, 2016
EUR 15
EUR 10
EUR 25
April 1-19, 2016
EUR 20
EUR 12
EUR 32
April 20-24, 2016
EUR 25
EUR 15
EUR 40
Participation fees with 20% discount*:
16 km
6 km

Family pass (2 adults and one child or more children of no more than 14 years of age) 

Until March 31, 2016
EUR 12
EUR 20
April 1-19, 2016
EUR 16
EUR 9.60
EUR 25.60
April 20-24, 2016
EUR 25
EUR 15
EUR 40


*20% discount applies to Sportland customers, seniors of at least 60 years of age, and youths of no more than 20 years of age. Discounted prices are not applicable in the last round!
Registering on site on competition day, full prices apply to everyone.

Groups are subject to a discount of 10% of any full price if at least 10 people are registered. Double discounts are not applicable (participants subject to the senior or youth discount are not subject to an additional group discount and vice versa). Discounted prices are not applicable in the last round.


Participation fees with 10% discount:


16 km
6 km
Until March 31, 2016
EUR 13,50
April 1-19, 2016
EUR 18
EUR 10,80
April 20-24, 2016
EUR 25
EUR 15


Kids’ Runs are FREE. Registration is opened online or on the competition center on race day.

Participants that did not use online banking to pay the participation fee are to pay the participation fee to one of the below bank accounts of Sport Event Team (MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi):

SEB EE221010220065252016, ref. No. 05209
Swedbank EE342200221034126658, ref. No. 05209
Danske Pank EE783300332813950002, ref. No. 05209
Nordea Pank EE881700017002977263, ref. No. 05209
LHV EE567700771001163738, ref. No. 05209


The transfer purpose field should include the following: KKJ2016 (acronym for Kõrvemaa Kevadjooks 2016 (Kõrvemaa Spring Run 2015)), forename and surname, personal ID code and distance (e.g. KKJ2016, Kati Karu, 486051327xx, 16 km).

The participation fee is not refunded if the Spring Run is cancelled due to reasons beyond the organizers’ control, or if a participant withdraws from the competition.


7. Start items

Start items include a race number (including a chip for runners participating in the timed race), safety pins, and sponsor materials.
Start materials are issued on competition day, April 24, at the start line at Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Ski Resort from 10 AM until the start of the races.

Only competitors with an RMK Kõrvemaa Spring Run race number will be allowed to the start. The race number must be attached to the chest and must remain visible throughout the competition. The race number is a personal number. Only the participant registered under a particular race number may race under it.


8. Timekeeping
Timed races are subject to electronic timekeeping – time is kept with a chip attached to the flip side of the race bib. The chip must not be removed from the flip side of the bib and the bib should not be folded in any circumstances. The race number must be attached to the chest and must remain visible throughout the competition from the start until crossing the finish line. Do not cover the number with your hand while finishing (e.g. to stop a sports watch); otherwise the result may not be recorded.

Competitor may keep their race bibs with the chip; it is not necessary to return them after the race.

The finish protocol will list the ranking of each runner in their age group.

Age groups
P/T (born in 1996 and later), M/N (1977-1995), M40/N40 (1972-1976), M45/N45 (1967-1971), M50/N50 (1962-1966), M55/N55 (1957-1961), M60/N60 (1952-1956), M65/N65 (1947-1951), M70/N70 (born in 1946 and earlier)


9. Results
Results will be published continually as initial unconfirmed results on the finish site’s display board and website, as unofficial results on our website no later than on Monday, April 25 at 9 AM, and as official results on www.jooks.ee on Friday, April 29 at 5 PM.


10. Medical aid
Medical aid is provided throughout the track if necessary. We kindly ask that participants noticing anyone in distress on the track notify the nearest service point, medics with special identification moving on the track, event organizers, or the emergency number 112.


11. Discontinuation
The competition’s medical personnel and judges have the right to remove a competitor from the track if they consider it necessary.


12. Disqualification
The organizers have the right to disqualify any competitor that is not following the competition rules, is disturbing other competitors, or is in another way hindering the organization of the competition. 


13. Award ceremony
The award ceremony for 16 km is held at 4 PM at the finish line.
There is no award ceremony for 6 km (health track).

Three best men and three best women are awarded for the 16 km race. There are also special prizes and prize draws (for both 16 km and 6 km). Age group-based rankings are recorded in the finish protocol. 16 km age group winners are awarded a trophy cup.


14. Taking pictures
The organizers have the right to use pictures and videos taken by the organizers at the competition.


15. Complaints
All complaints concerning competition results, violations of rules etc. must be submitted within one hour after the 50th competitor finishes if such complaints pertain to the first 50 finished competitors, or within 30 minutes after the finish is closed if concerning any other competitors. The complaint fee is EUR 20, returned only if the complaint is satisfied.

All complaints related to the competition are solved by the following competition jury: Competition Director, Head Referee, Track Master, Head of Secretariat and a physician.

Any issues not regulated in the Guide are solved by the organizational committee and/or the jury as such issues arise.

16. General information
Participants will benefit from a racing position, race bib, timekeeping, recorded results in the finish protocol, service at service points and the finish line, electronic diploma including the participant’s name, time score and final ranking (16 km), first aid as required throughout the track, and transportation to the finish line of participants that discontinue the race.
Participants in the Kids’ Run receive an electronic diploma and souvenirs.

Ski Marathon - Saturday, January 30, 2016;

Spring Run - Sunday, April 24, 2016;

Triathlon - Saturday, July 16, 2016;

Bike Marathon - Saturday, September 24, 2016;


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