23. May 2020
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Important information for participant

  • Tallink Maijooks is held in Tallinn on May 19.
  • The competition center, start, and finish are located at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Tallinna Lauluväljak).


Collect your Tallink Maijooks start items starting from Wednesday, May 16 through Friday, May 18 at the competition's Race office in the Pillar Hall (Sammassaal) at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Entrance is located on the sea-facing side of the Song Festival Grounds. The race office is open Wednesday to Friday, 10 AM to 7 PM, saturday 10AM until the start of the races.
If at all possible, come and claim your start items at your earliest convenience!


NB! As start items are arranged in a numerical order, make sure you know YOUR RACE NUMBER


Participants may also collect their friend’s start items, provided that the friend is aware of such delegation. The person collecting the items will have to provide a signature to that effect at the race office. Wishing to collect someone else’s start items, you must know the following: the participant’s race number, name, year of birth, and applicable distance. 


Your start items kit will include your race bib (including a timekeeping chip for timed races), safety pins,Tallink gift certificate

NB! Don’t miss your Tallink gift certificate inserted in your start envelope! Take out all of the relevant items in the envelope before discarding it!


PROGRAM May 19, 2018

10:00 AM       The competition center at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds opens

11:30 AM        Drako’s Kids Races
1:00 PM          START
2:30 PM          Award ceremony
2:45 PM          Maijooks spring concert

Tallink Day Care for Men is open for business all day long!


Start order:


  • timed runners
  • untimed runners
  • Tervis+ group
  • timed and untimed Nordic walkers 
  • timed and untimed walkers


The official competition time for participants that complete a timed distance is their net time (the time from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line). All timed runners, walkers, and Nordic walkers will have a timekeeping chip attached to the flip side of their race bib (see timing information in Competition Guidelines, Chapter 8).


The start area is located in front of the Arch at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.


Participants may choose their start group based on their selected distance. For example, walkers may choose between three start groups. The start area closes when the relevant start group is full. Next participants start in the subsequent group.

The first 100 participants in the timed run receive their race number individually, and they will be allowed to enter the start area from the front of the start line.

Pursuit starts are used to ensure safety and provide participants with more space to move on the track.


EVERY Maijooks participant that crosses the finish line receives a valuable gift bag!
Show your race bib and collect your gift bag containing gift from our collaboration partners after the race from the Secretariat tent. Gift bags are issued until 4:30 PM on competition day only.

Be sure to review the competition center and track map before the competition day.
The fourth and fifth kilometer of the track features a Saku water stop offering water and Saku Vichy Vitamiin beverage. 
As Maijooks is looking forward to welcoming a record number of participants, arrive as early as possible in the morning, equipped with a boatload of time and patience. As the race track may become crowded due to the high number of racers, make sure you are mindful of other participants. Remember that Maijooks is a recreational sports event where it’s not about winning, but about participating. Adopt a friendly attitude towards your fellow competitors, and refrain from rushing about on the track. Notify a judge or the medical personnel of anyone in need of help.

A bag drop is open in the Song Festival Grounds. The bag drop service is free of charge for everyone


Showering facilities are available at the Song Festival Grounds’ Oru Gate (Oru värav) (4 booths) for EUR 2 per person. Bring your own towel.


Use of portable restrooms at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is free of charge.
Use of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds’ restroom facilities is subject to the following charges:
Oru WC: EUR 0.50
Mere WC: EUR 0.20


Drako Kids Races take place at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds starting from 11:30 a.m. Pre-registration opens approximately one month prior to the event. Pre-registration closes on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. You may also register on Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m.
Every kid that finishes a race receives a candy bag, a diploma, and a gift!

Kids races program:

11:30 AM        girls 2-3 yrs.
11:45 AM        boys 2-3 yrs.
12:00 noon      girls 4-5 yrs.
12:15 PM        boys 4-5 yrs.
12:30 PM        girls 6-7 yrs.
12:45 PM        boys 6-7 yrs.
1:00 PM          girls 8-10 yrs.
1:15 PM          boys 8-10 yrs.
1:30 PM          girls 11-12 yrs.
1:45 PM          boys 11-12 yrs.

The organizers recommend that you travel to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on foot, by bike, or by public transport. Bicycle parking facilities are open at the Sea Gate (Merevärav). For information on public transport, click here.
Parking is available at Estonian Fairs’ parking lot and as roadside parking on Pirita tee (free parking). Paid parking lots are open next to the Song Festival Grounds’ Lasnamäe and Pond (Tiigi) gates.


We have a boatload of goodies from our collaboration partners that will be distributed as raffle prizes at Tallink Maijooks.


Starting from 10 AM SEB Maijooks partners open their sales and advertising booths at the Song Festival Grounds to make sure you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy their best deals. To find out who will be represented at Maijooks Health Fair, click here; also check out their awesome deals!

NB! Please note that a number of booths accept cash only!


While the women take on the track, Tallink Day Care for Men is open for business at the Song Festival Grounds, providing ample activities for men for the whole day.
Men are looked after and kept busy by the hosts for the day, under whose leadership many a fun game will take place with prizes from various collaboration partners.


Tallink Maijooks is the largest mass recreational sports event in Estonia and in the entire Eastern European region especially tailored for women. Tallink Maijooks is looking forward to welcoming your entire family as there is plenty to do for kids and men as well.


Register here!