6. September 2019
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1. General Information

Friday, 7th of September
6.30 pm Warm-up (Nike+ Training Club)
7 pm We Run Tallinn 5 km
7.15 Concert & DJ


2. Start and Finish

We Run Tallinn will take place on a 5 km track.

The start and the finish are in Tallinn City Centre on Freedom Square. The We Run Tallinn will start at 7 pm.

The track will be marked and will run on hard-paved roads.
For the sake of safety, the participants will need to respect the orders of traffic officers.

Course map


3. Participants
All young hobby runners who are 13-29 years old and sufficiently trained for the distance can participate. Participation in the run is at the runner’s own risk (for younger participants – at the risk of a parent or a caregiver). The organizers recommend that the participants have a medical examination before registering for the run.


4. Registration

Registration takes place here. Online registration will end on Thursday, September 6th at 5:00 PM. Registration is opened in Race office 5.-7. September at 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Registration will be closed 15 minutes before start.
Participant will be registered after filling in the registration form and paying the entry fee.
By registration and paying the entry fee, the participant shall accept the competition rules and regulations.
5. Re-registration
Re-registration is allowed until 5 PM on August 31st, 2018. There will be no re-registration on the day of the race. In case of re-registration, please notify the organizers via the e-mail address of info@tallinnmarathon.ee. The fee is 10 EUR plus the registration fee for the new registration (total=new registration fee minus already paid registration fee plus 10 EUR for the change). Name change costs 10 EUR.


6. Entry Fees

until 15.12.2017 10 EUR
16.12.2017-30.06.2018 13 EUR
01.07.2018-04.09.2018 15 EUR
05.09.2018-07.09.2018 20 EUR


7. Start documents

Start documents will be issued at the Race office on Freedom Square from September 5 to 6 from 10 am to 8 pm. The issuing of start documents will stop 10 minutes before the start.

Start documents include Nike running T-shirt and timekeeping device. We Run Tallinn participants do not have a BIB.


It is mandatory to wear the special We Run Tallinn 2018 T-shirt during the race.


8. Timekeeping
The We Run Tallinn has electronic timekeeping. The timing the chip should be fastened around the leg. The competitor can retain the chip; it is not necessary to return it after the run.


9. Results



10. Medical Service
Medical help will be guaranteed throughout the entire course if needed. Participants who note that someone on the course needs help are asked to give information about it to the next refreshment station, medical staff with identification marks on the course, people involved in the organisation, or emergency line 112.


11. Disqualification
The organisers may disqualify any competitor who fails to obey the race rules, disturbs other competitors, or otherwise hinders the organisation of the race.


12. Awards ceremony
The awards ceremony will take place after the run appoximately at 7.30 pm on the Freedom Square. The best 3 young men and the best 3 young ladies will be awarded. 


13. Photos
The organisers will have the right to use any photos and videos taken during the race for an indefinite time.
14. Appeals
Any appeals against the race results, violations of rules, etc., on first 50 finishers must be filed within 1 hour after the 50th competitor has finished, on other competitors within 30 minutes after the finish is closed.
Appeal fee is €30, which is refunded only if the appeal is satisfied. All appeals relating to the race will be settled by the race jury, comprising the race director, head judge, course designer, General Secretary, and a doctor.
Any cases not covered in the Instructions will be solved by the Organising Committee and/or the jury on a rolling basis


Changing facilities and gear check

On the race day of you will be able to leave your gear bag to the gear check and use the changing facilities in the green area of Kaarli street. You can only get to the gear check through the tunnel. It is prohibited to run across the street! The We Run Tallinn participants can use their own bag if it is properly closed. The bag must be marked with the start number of participant. You can find the sticker for the bag in your starting documents. Gear check is free and open on Friday from 5.30 to 8.30 pm. Please ensure that you give your bag to our authorized gear check point only. Do not leave your gear bag unattended at any time in any other place.