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Marathon organizers from all over the world are going to meet in Tallinn

21st World Congress of AIMS Athena 2016.a Photo: marathon-photos.com

The most popular international marathon in the Baltic States and Estonia’s largest sport event Tallinna Maraton, will take place in Tallinn from 7th to 9th of September 2018.

During the same time as the Tallinna Maraton, the 22nd World Congress of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) will also be happening. The Congress will bring a high level of international delegations to Tallinn. AIMS is a member-based organization and since being established in 1982 it has grown to a membership with more than 450 of the world’s leading distance races, from over 120 countries and territories. AIMS Members come from every continent on the planet and Tallinn Marathon is one of them. Other AIMS members include many of the world’s greatest distance races in history such as the Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Comrades, New York, Paris & Tokyo Marathons. The three key objectives of AIMS are:

  1. To foster and promote distance running throughout the world
  2. To work with the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) on all matters relating to international road races
  3. To exchange information, knowledge, and expertise among members of the association


AIMS World Congress history

The Establishing Congress was held in London in 1982, but was little more than a private meeting among those marathon organizers who had been instrumental in forming the Association (only formalized at that meeting). After that, the first open Congress of AIMS was held in Tokyo in January 1983, and since then 21 more AIMS World Congresses have been held, the latest of which was the 21th World Congress held on 10-12 November 2018 in Athens, Greece. 


AIMS World Congresses:

- 1st AIMS Congress:   Tokyo JPN; January 1983

- 2nd AIMS Congress:  Miami USA; January 1984

- 3rd AIMS Congress:   Berlin GER; September 1985

- 4th AIMS Congress:   Manila PHI; February 1987

- 5th AIMS Congress:   Melbourne AUS; October 1988

- 6th AIMS Congress:   Rotterdam NED; April 1990

- 7th AIMS Congress:   Bangkok THA; November 1991

- 8th AIMS Congress:   Lisboa POR; March 1993

- 9th AIMS Congress:   Macau MAC; December 1994

- 10th AIMS Congress: Barcelona ESP; March 1996

- 11th AIMS Congress: Dish Hotel, Enschede NED; 07/08 June 1997

- 12th AIMS Congress: Kosice SVK; October 1999

- 13th AIMS Congress: Torino ITA; March 2001

- 14th AIMS Congress: Niagara Falls CAN; October 2002

- 15th AIMS Congress: Valencia ESP; February 2005

- 16th AIMS Congress: Xiamen CHN; March 2007 

- 17th AIMS Congress: Sao Paulo BRA; April 2009 

- 18th AIMS Congress: Athens, GRE; October 2010 

- 19th AIMS Congress: Prague, CZE; May 2012

- 20th AIMS Congress: Durban, RSA; May 2014

- 21st AIMS Congress: Athens, GRE; November 2016

- 22nd AIMS Congress: Tallinn, EST, September 2018


The purpose of the Congress is to develop cooperation opportunities, exchange and share experiences among members, and introduce AIMS activities. And also, to tackle the AIMS formal issues - the election of the board and president, and amendments to the statute.


In the final round of the 2016 candidacy in Athens, Tallinn collected more than sixty percent of the delegates votes and won to host the 22nd World Congress of AIMS.


Great recognition, responsibility and opportunity for Estonia


To host a world-wide congress is a great recognition, responsibility and opportunity for Tallinn and for the whole Estonia. Tallinn will now have a larger focus from the running world and this creates good preconditions for winning a lot of marathon runner’s attention. This in turn enhances Estonia’s and Tallinn Marathon’s reputation and international competitiveness. There are millions of marathon enthusiasts in the world who now have an additional reason to come to Estonia.


AIMS T-shirt and AIMS Finisher Medal Award Competition


The three-day Congress programme is tight. Summaries for the last two years and various presentations, for example, on evaluating the value of hosting sporting events, Greening the Running movement, Events Safety-Security are just some topics to be discussed. In addition, there will also be talk about marketing spells how to increase women’s participation in running events and much more. Highlight for the Congress will be the new AIMS board and president election.


One of the elections for which all AIMS members can apply is to find the most beautiful marathon T-shirt and finisher medal. The most beautiful medal and T-shirt will be revealed at the congressional delegates' vote on the evening of September 8th.

This week, AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) measurer-administrator Hugh Jones is visiting Tallinn to officially measure the Tallinn Marathon 42.2km, 21.1km and Optibet 10km courses.