7.- 9. September 2018
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Super offer from Tallink

Tallink is a cooperation partner of SEB Tallinn Marathon in 2017 as well and all participants who complete the marathon, half-marathon or the 10 km run will get an offer from Tallink for a cruise to Stockholm or Helsinki.


You are welcome to take a cruise to Stockholm or Helsinki together with a companion!


With the offer, you can book a cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm or Helsinki at a good price.

•       A cruise to Stockholm in a B-class cabin (up to 4 passengers) costs EUR 40 / cabin for you. If you wish to spend more time in Sweden, you can book a roundtrip cruise for EUR 80 / cabin.

•       A day ticket to Helsinki in Star class costs EUR 18 / passenger. The offer applies to a purchase of up to 5 tickets. Children under 12-years travel for FREE, children 12–17 years old travel at half price. 

A fee of EUR 15 applies to departures on the Stockholm route on Fridays.

For cruises departing on the Stockholm route from Sunday to Wednesday, a higher level cabin (A) can be booked for FREE.

For cruises departing on the Stockholm route from Thursday to Sunday, a higher level cabin (A) can be booked for EUR 15.


When booking, please use the discount code xxxxxxxx (the code is given on your voucher).

Tickets must be booked between 04.09.2017-14.01.2018 and cruise time will be 04.09.2017-30.04.2018.


The discount voucher will not apply to cruises already booked.

The number of seats available with the discount code for every departure is limited.

Booking terms and more information available on the website www.tallink.ee/marathon (information available from 28.08.2017) or on the phone 17808 (85 euro cents a call + call operator’s charge)


See you on board!