SEB Maijooks
Saturday, 17th of May 2014
The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Women's race

Registration 2014


10.00 Competition centre opening
11.30 Draakon children races
12.45 MyFitness warm up
13.00 7 km START run with timing I group (nr 1-2000)
13.05 7 km START run with timing II group (nr 2001-4000)
13.10 7 km START run without timing I group (nr 5001-7000)
13.15 7 km START run without timing II group (nr 7001-9000)
13.20 7 km START walking without timing I group (nr 10001-12000)
13.25 7 km START walking without timing II group (nr 12001-14000)
13.30 7 km START walking without timing III group (nr 14001-16000)
13.35 7 km START walking without timing IV group (nr 16001-18000)
13.40 7 km START Nordic walking without timing (nr 20001-22000)
14.30 Awarding
14.45 Concert
16.00 Finish closing

Press release
Biggest public sports events of the year broke the records once again
43 512 running and walking enthusiasts from 42 countries participated this year in eight rehabilitative sports events held by MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi, the organizer of biggest Estonian running and public sports events.
The distances of the SEB Tallinn Marathon and the Tallinn City Run which have been attended by the biggest number of participants in Estonia and the Baltic States during the last five years were run by 20 562 people from whom 1726 run the marathon.
SEB Maijooks which was held for the 26th time this year made 14 154 participants to run, thus being the biggest rehabilitative sports event of all times aimed at women.
The biggest family sports series of North Estonia, RMK Kõrvemaa Neliküritus consisting of four events brought together 3928 enthusiasts on the skiing, running, triathlon and cycle tracks.
Narva Energy Run, an original cultural and sports event attracted 3429 participants to attend the most eastern sports event in the European Union during its third year.
Olympic Run held in Tartu brought together 1439 runners and walkers of different ages being the opening event for the local running series, the Estonian City Runs.
A total of 43 512 athletic people, from whom 37 299 were adult rehabilitative sportsmen, participated in eight events organized this year. 6213 children took part in the children’s events. In terms of these numbers we are the biggest organizer of public sports events both in Estonia and in the Baltic States. In 2012, all in all 39 528 people took part in the public sports events organized by MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi.
The growth rate of rehabilitative sport allows to predict a 10-15 % increase in the number of participants also next year which gives the biggest Estonian organizers of public sports events hope to achieve for the first time the number of 50 000 rehabilitative sportsmen.
In 2014, MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi will organize the following public sports events:

25 January                   RMK Kõrvemaa Skiing Marathon

27 April                        RMK Kõrvemaa Spring Run

17 May                        SEB Maijooks

24 May                        Tartu Olympic Run

15 June                        Narva Energy Run

19 July                         RMK Kõrvemaa Triathlon

13-14 September         SEB Tallinn Marathon and the Tallinn City Run

27 September              RMK Kõrvemaa Bike Marathon

Participants can register for the public sports events organized by Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi at

MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi, Pärnu mnt 142a, 11317 Tallinn, ESTONIA
Tel +372 654 8462 :