Nearly 13 000 exercise enthusiasts took part in Estonia's largest recreational sports event


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The winner of today's LHV Women’s Run was Laura Maasik. Karmel Jano was the fastest in Rimi Girls' Race. Nearly thirteen thousand exercise enthusiasts took part in Estonia's largest recreational sports event.

Having completed the seven kilometer track in twenty-four minutes and forty-three seconds, Nõmme Athletics Club (Nõmme Kergejõustikuklubi) alumna Laura Maasik from the Headinimesed (Goodpeople) team emerged as the fist-time winner of LHV Women’s Run that took place today at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds for the thirty-fifth time. Kaisa Kukk (time 24:57) from Tartu Sports Society Kalev (Tartu Spordiseltsi Kalev) came in second and Birgit Pihelgas (time 26:00) from Pärnu Altius Sports Club (Pärnu Altiuse Spordiklubi) finished third. The best three of Rimi Girls' Race held this year for the first time ever were Karmel Jano, Riia Katariina Laas, and Emma Roasto.

A Health Fair welcomed visitors throughout the day and children enjoyed Limpa Kids Races. The day full of exercise fun culminated with a big spring concert by 2 Quick Start.

More than a couple of hundred companies and teams were represented at LHV Women’s Run. The cup for the company with the largest number of participants went to the North Estonia Medical Centre that was represented by two hundred and thirty-two exercise loving employees. Nearly thirteen thousand exercise enthusiasts of different ages took part in the traditional springtime recreational sports event in its various formats. 
Eighteen participants celebrated their birthday at LHV Women’s Run, the oldest participant was 86 years old, and the most frequent name among the participants was Katrin of whom there were as many as one hundred and five.
The next, 36th LHV Women’s Run takes place on May 20, 2023. 


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