Olympic Gold Medallist Gerd Kanter to Take on the Marathon


Having won an Olympic Gold Medal twelve years ago, the next athletic goal Gerd Kanter has set himself is to finish the marathon this September.

Exactly twelve years ago today, on 19 August 2008, Gerd Kanter won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in discus throw. On the anniversary of his Olympic win, he who gave up top-level sports two years ago set himself a new athletic goal, promising to complete the 42.195 kilometres long marathon distance in this year’s Tallinn Marathon.


“I like to challenge myself and destroy myths. It is a general opinion that as a rule, big strong men don’t last long running and don’t care for exercising for such a long time. Stamina is one of the keystones of any sports as well as of the entire life activity, and can be developed throughout your life. For laying the foundation, motivation, and collecting health kilometres, the organisers have come up with the “marathon combo” idea, which is a great opportunity for everyone. I was also moved by the Tallinn Marathon’s responsible slogan “This time we are moving apart, but still together!” that characterises this year. So I decided to take part and complete 42.2 kilometres in September. As an Olympic gold medallist, I can be a role model and encourage people to exercise in a healthy way. In September, everyone can join me in the Tallinn Marathon’s virtual run and beat me. This does not happen every day and you must take the chance,” said Olympic gold medallist Gerd Kanter, inviting people to take part in Estonia’s biggest virtual run.


The most popular distance of the Tallinn Marathon’s virtual run taking place from 1 to 30 September is the combined marathon or the “marathon combo”, which is suitable for any running and sports enthusiast. The marathon distance at its full length must be completed during September either running or walking in parts until reaching the required number of kilometres. At least a tenth of the marathon, that is, 4.2 kilometres must be covered at a single time.


Besides the “marathon combo”, the event includes five and ten kilometre distances, a half marathon (21.1 km), and a classic marathon (42.2 km).


Both those for whom it has already become a tradition and those who are just planning to start are welcome to enter. There will be a suitable running and walking distance for everyone. Everybody can complete the distance they registered for, using the routes and time of their own choice during September. After completing the distance, participants must confirm it and upload proof of their runs for the organisers in the virtual environment. All participants of the virtual run will receive an electronic diploma through electronic channels and a unique medal according to the completed distance by mail.


This year, the Tallinn Marathon’s medals are inspired by the symbol of hope, persistence, and willpower, the brightest star in our sky, the North Star. All those who complete the marathon distance and “marathon combo” will also receive as a prize an attractive T-shirt, which has been designed with inspiration from the heart-warming movie Forrest Gump that back in the day won six Oscars and three Golden Globes and has been entered in the list of culturally significant national films in America.


Be sure to also watch this clip that characterises this year’s Tallinn Marathon and is based on the famous movie HERE.

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