FAQ of Virtual Run

1. What is the virtual run of Tallinn Marathon?

  • Tallinn Marathon virtual run is 42,2 km; 21,1 km; 10 km or 5 km distance running/walking between 1.09-30.09.2021, on a route of your own choice at a time convenient to you.
  • The distance can be covered by running, walking, or Nordic walking. 
  • After completing the distance, the participant must confirm it by recording their participation in the start list on the Tallinn Marathon website.


2. When and where does the virtual run take place?

  • The virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon will take place from 1 September to 30 September 2021 on the track of your own choice.


3. What are the distances for the virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon?

  • The virtual run includes the following distances:
    • Combo marathon 42,2 km
    • Marathon 42,2 km
    • Half-marathon 21,1 km
    • Sügisjooks 10 km and 5 km


4. What is the marathon combo?

  • The combined marathon distance of 42,2 km can be completed in parts. 
  • For example:
    • 10 x 4,22 km;
    • 2 x 21,1 km;
    • 10 km + 9 km + 8 km + 7 km + 8,2 km.
    • Other combinations are also allowed.
  • The shortest single distance is 4,2 km.


5. Who can take part in the virtual run?

  • Any person who is healthy and whose fitness level is suitable for completion of the chosen distance is eligible for participation in the virtual run of the Tallinn Marathon.
  • Participants take part in the virtual run on their own responsibility (or on the responsibility of the parent in case of a minor).


6. What is the deadline for registering for the virtual run?

  • Registration for participation in the virtual run is open in the jooks.ee Customer Portal until the morning of 30 September 2021.


7. Can the virtual run be completed only by running?

  • You can complete the virtual run by running, walking, or Nordic walking.
  • Using a car, a bicycle, or another vehicle as a mean to help to complete the distance is prohibited. 


8. If I don't have a smartwatch or phone, how can I participate in the virtual run?

  • In this case, you must load your result to the start list manually. 
  • After completing the distance, you enter the time when you started and finished the distance to the start list.


9. How and where do I upload my result?

  • Results can be uploaded as a file or entered manually near the participant’s name in the start list located on the jooks.ee website. Results can be entered until 4 October 2021, 23:59.
  • Upload the results as a file: open the “Choose File” window located near your name. Upload the file that was previously saved in a suitable format (.fit, .gpx, .pwr, tcx.). All producers of the most widespread sports watches and applications allow to download files at least in one of the above formats.
  • Enter the results manually: start time, completed distance, end time, and if possible take a picture of your results so that we can check the data. 


10. Can I change my uploaded result?

  • Yes, you can change your result until 04.10.2021 at 23.59.


11. I am registered to a distance without timing. How do I confirm that I participated in the virtual run?

  • You can confirm the distance in the start list on the Tallinn Marathon website in the period 1.09-4.10.2021.
  • Search for your name in the start list under 10 km distance and select "Confirm participation".


12. How do I get a virtual run start number?

  • Participants can download the start number from the Tallinn Marathon website from the start list from 10.08.2021. If desired, print the start number and attach it to your shirt.
  • It is not obligatory to wear the start number when completing the distance.


13. How do I get the medal, diploma and allowed participant bonuses?

  • In order to receive bonuses, you have to confirm your participation on the start list. After confirmation of participation, please enter your postal address to which we will send the medal.
  • The correct postal address must be entered in the start list and the correct e-mail address must be entered during registration.
  • Participants who have completed the 21,1 km; 10 km and 5 km will have their medal posted not later than on 30th October 2021.
  • Participants who have completed the marathon (incl. marathon combo) will have their medal and Tallinn Marathon gift posted no later than on 30th October 2021.
  • You can download a personal e-diploma from the finish list on the Tallinn Marathon website.
  • Offers and razzle prizes of the partners will be added to the participant's user account in jooks.ee Customer Portal in the section "Offers"


14. Who will participate in the raffle and can win a prize?

  • Prizes of our partners will be drawn between all participants who will pass the distances of 42,2 km; 21,1 km; 10 km, and 5 km.
  • The winners will be announced on the website and Facebook page of the Tallinn Marathon.
  • The winners will be contacted no later than on 5 October 2021.


15. How are participants results reflected?

  • The official ranking is not explained in the virtual run. The unofficial finish list with times will be published on the jooks.ee homepage.


16. What rules do I have to follow on track?

  • Participants take part in the virtual run on their own responsibility. For safety considerations, all participants must observe the traffic regulations. The organiser is not responsible for harm caused to the health of the participants or for the destruction or loss of their personal property. 
  • Participation in the virtual run is allowed only in accordance with all traffic regulations presently in force. If during the virtual run the state of emergency is declared in the country, all participants must comply with restrictions and rules arising from that.
  • Throwing away packaging, drinking bottles, and other rubbish in nature and on the roads and streets is strictly forbidden.
  • Using a car, a bicycle, or another vehicle as a mean to help to complete the distance is prohibited. Participation in the virtual run is based on honesty and mutual respect.


17. Can a distance be completed on a treadmill?

  • Yes, all distances can be completed on a treadmill also. 
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