22. May 2021
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Children races


Children’s Races of Maijooks will take place from 23rd to 31st of May 2020 as virtual races.

We invite to take part in the Children’s Races of Maijooks all children aged up to 12 years.

We recommend to choose the length of a child’s track according to the child’s age and fitness level.

For children aged 4 years we recommend completion of a 300 m distance, and for 5-year-olds and older children we recommend a 500 m distance.

All participants who will confirm their participation in the starting list during the period between 23rd and 31st of May 2020 will receive a MEDAL that will be delivered by mail.

The starting number can be downloaded from the starting list here.

No finishing order will be recorded. 




Registration for participation in the virtual Children’s Races of Maijooks takes place in the self-service environment of jooks.ee.

Registration in the self-service environment is open from 20th to 31st of May 2020.

Participation fee is 3 € (includes delivery of the medal).

The child can complete the track at a suitable location between 23rd and 31st of May 2020.

Completion of the track must be confirmed from 23rd of May 2020 in the starting list located on the Maijooks website.

In order to confirm participation, please find the name of the child in the starting list, and press button “confirm participation”. After confirmation of participation, please enter your postal address to which we will send the medal of the Children’s Races.