23. May 2020
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Men Care

While the women take on the track, Day Care for Men is open for business at the Song Festival Grounds, providing ample activities for men for the whole day.


Day Care for Men provides a wide variety of joyous activities from classic hoops to boat races. Having taken measure of each other, men will have deserved a break for lazing about and browsing through magazines, they may decide to make a flower bouquet for their better half or do an altogether new hairdo to surprise their fair lady finishing her race!


Kids whose fathers are having a blast at the Day Care for Men are by no means left idle – we have come up with a boatload of fun kids’ activities and games.


Nevertheless, the main task for men on this day is to cheer on the women before, during, and after the race!


Tallink Maijooks is the largest mass recreational sports event in Estonia and in the entire Eastern European region especially tailored for women. Tallink Maijooks is looking forward to welcoming your entire family as there is plenty to do for kids and men as well.


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