18. May 2019
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Participant registration

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The participant will be registered after filling in the registration form and paying the entry fee. 

The participant’s name is displayed in the start list after the entry fee has been paid. Pay your entry fee via online banking after completing the registration form.


A participant’s successful registration is confirmed by their name appearing in the start list. A competitor’s race number is added to the start list within 15 minutes after payment of the entry fee (using a bank link provided). Paying by a separate bank transfer, you’ll receive your race number within five days after payment. 


Group registration

Sport Event Team and Tallink Group announced today at the press event held at the Tallink Tennis Centre that next year, Tallink will become the title sponsor of one of the oldest and most popular Estonian running events, Maijooks. At the event today, the best Estonian long-distance runners Liina Tšernov and the Luik sisters also made a bet on who will win the Maijooks next year.