22. May 2021
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Results upload


  • No leader board is formed at the Maijooks virtual race. 
  • The list of participants is published progressively here in alphabetical order. 
  • All virtual race participants must add a confirmation to the start protocol about finishing the course between 23.05-31.05.2020.
  • To get a result on the timed races, the participant must enter their result either as a file (suitable formats are .fit, .gpx, .pwr, .tcx) or manually.
    • When uploading a file, click on the Choose File button and the file from your computer you want to upload.
      • Suitable formats are .fit, .gpx, .pwr, .tcx. All manufacturers of common sports watches/applications allow downloading files at least in one of the mentioned formats.
    • Entering the result manually: Enter Start time, Distance (equal to the race distance), Result, Result web address (enter here the link you get from your sports watch/application, Picture of the result ... take a picture of your result so that correctness of the entered data could be checked, if necessary.
  • Results of the timed race are published in the participants list.

VIDEO: How to upload result with timing


VIDEO: How to upload result without timing