22. May 2021
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Registration for the Tallink Maijooks virtual race is open at jooks.ee self-service environment.




  • Registration is open at jooks.ee self-service environment from 27.04 to 30.05.2020. 
  • To register for the virtual race, fill in the registration form.
  • The participant is entered in the starting list after the participation fee is paid. 
  • Virtual race starting list is published on the jooks.ee webpage on 15.05.2020.
  • NB! All participants who were registered for the Tallink Maijooks before the virtual race was announced are automatically entered in the initial virtual race starting list.



Tallink Maijooks virtual race 7 km


Participation fee


  • The participation fee is paid in the self-service environment after filling the registration form.
  • By registering and paying the participation fee, the participant confirms that:
    • they agree with this guide and the conditions provided by the organiser;
    • they agree that their personal data is used according to the laws and regulations.

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