9. June 2018
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Registration 2017

Narva Energy Run will take place 10th of June 2017.

Register here


For the registration please full fill the registration form.

Registration will end on Friday, June 9th at 5:00 PM. Registration is opened in the morning of the competition day, from 9:00 AM. Registration will be closed 15 minutes before the start.

Participant will be registered after having paying the entry fee.

By registration and paying the entry fee, the participant shall accept the competition rules and regulations.


Re-registration is allowed until 5 PM on June 4th, 2017. There will be no re-registration later. Re-registration is with fee. The fee is 10 EUR plus the registration fee for the new registration (total=new registration fee minus already paid registration fee plus 10 EUR for the change). Name change costs 10 EUR.

For the re-registration the fee should be transferred to orgnaizer account. Into the details of payment please add: ealier participants name, new participants name date of birth (f.ex Instead of Jane Jensen 21,1km Catrin Kask (25 May 1984). If you change the distance please add to details of payment which distance you will take part (f.ex Jane Jensen re-registration from 21,1 km to 7 km (run with timing)