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Important info for participant

Estonia’s biggest running festival is welcoming you to Tallinn. Tallinna Maraton is taking place on the 6th to 8th of September.


Tallinn Marathon PROGRAMME

Friday, 6 September 2019

10.00-20.00 Race office and information desk open

14.00 Press conference (introduction of the event programme, favourites, prizes)

17.00-20.00 Tallinna Maraton EXPO*

17.00 DJ Anton Must

18.20 VillemDrillem

19.00 WE RUN TALLINN 5 km start and finish in Freedom Square

19.30 Award ceremony in Freedom Square

19.40 Stefan


Saturday, 7 September 2019

10.00-20.00 Race office and information desk open

10.00-20.00 Tallinna Maraton EXPO*

11.00 MESIKÄPP KIDS’ RACES in Hirvepark

16.45 MyFitness warmup in Freedom Square

16.55 Opening ceremony of Tallinna Maraton and Sügisjooks

17.00 Optibet 10 km - 20th TALLINNA SÜGISJOOKS - race and walk with start in Freedom Square and finish at the Viru Gates

18.00 Liis Lemsalu Band

19.00 Award ceremony in Freedom Square

19.15 Kala (band)

19.30 Finish is closed


Sunday, 8 September 2019

7.00-16.00 Race office and information desk open

8.00-16.00 Tallinna Maraton EXPO*

9.00 MARATHON 42.195 km start and finish at the Viru Gates

10.00 MyFitness warmup at Viru Gates

10.15 HALF-MARATHON 21.1 km start and finish at the Viru Gates

12.30 Award ceremony in Freedom Square

12.45 Karl-Erik Taukar Band

16.00 Finish is closed


All concerts take place in Freedom Square and are free for the audience.

* Tallinna Maraton EXPO in Freedom Square – Health, leisure and sports fair

where everyone can browse the partners’ offers, test their health, ask for advice

from specialists of different fields, buy sports and leisure equipment at affordable prices as well as marathon memorabilia, and register for future events.

Race office

Tallinna Maraton's Race Office will be open from Wednesday, 4th of September on Tallinn Freedom Square.


Race office opening times:

Wednesday, 4th of September 10:00-19:00

Thursday, 5th of September 10:00-19:00

Friday, 6th of September 10:00-20:00

Saturday, 7th of September 10:00-20:00

Sunday, 8th of September 7:00-16:00


Please make sure to collect your start materials 15 minutes before the start.


We would be thankful if you collect your start materials as early as possible. You can check your start number here. A friend or family member may serve as your proxy and pick up your race materials for you if you can not make it to the race office your own. The organizing team is also present in the race office and they are ready to answer whatever questions you may have about the event.

Start groups and starts

Start for the distances will be given according to the programme in Freedom Square. Starting corridors will open 30 minutes before the start. Starting groups are allocated by starting numbers. Please enter the starting corridor according to your start number. Starting from the wrong starting corridor leads to disqualification.



A group start number 1-300
B group start number 301-1000
C group start number 1001-2000
D group start number 2001-3000
E group start number 3001-4000
F group start number 4001-5000
G group start number 5001-6000
I group start number 8001-10 000
J group start number 10 001-15 000

Tallinna Maraton's competition center is located in Tallinn Freedom Square. Check the map here.

Start number - timekeeping

Only entrants with the official start numbers (BIB) for Tallinna Maraton 2019 will be permitted to compete in the race. Start numbers must be pinned to the front of the T-shirt so that the number is clearly visible. Start numbers are personal and non-transferable. Participants can keep their numbers after the race.


Timekeeping in Tallinna Maraton is electronic. The timing device is attached on the back of your start number. Start number must be worn on the chest. Do not cover the start number with a jacket; start number must be visible from start to finish. Do not fold or bend the start number in any way! In case of a damaged timing device your results may not be recorded! Do not cover the number with your hand while finishing, otherwise the result may not be recorded.

Changing facilities and gear check

There are changing facilities and gear check in the competition center on the Freedom square. On race day you will be able to leave your gear bag to the collection point on Harju street near to Niguliste church. All runners can use their own bag if it is properly closed. Please note these bags are for clothing only and should not include anything else - valuables or fragile possessions. Please ensure that you give your bag to our authorized gear check point only. Gear check is free of charge for competitors.

Do not leave your gear bag unattended at any time in any other place.


Gear check will be open:

Friday, 6th of September 17:30-20:30
Saturday, 7th of September 15:00-20:00
Sunday, 8th of September 7:30-16:00


Timekeeping control points:

42 km timing points are placed in every 5 kilometres and on the 21,1 km mark.

21 km timing points are placed in every 5 kilometres.

IcePower refreshment station is located on the 13th and 32th km of the marathon course and on the 11th km on half-marathon course.
Gardena shower station is located on the 30th km of the marathon course and on the 9th km on the half marathon course.


On the marathon and half-marathon course the kilometre marks are placed after every kilometre. Only participants with official Tallinna Maraton BIB are allowed to be on the course track. Spectators are not allowed on the course. For safety, the participants are obligated to follow the orders of the course adjudicators.

Refreshment stations

There are 12 refreshment stations on the marathon course, 6 in half-marathon and 2 in 10 km course.


Marathon and half-marathon refreshment stations are after every 3-5 km. 10 km refreshment stations are placed on the 4th and 7th kilometre.


Water (grey cups) and sport drinks (yellow cups) are provided at the refreshment stations. Marathon and half-marathon refreshment stations provide raisins, bananas, bread, sugar, oranges and salt. Please throw the used cup on the side of the track for the safety of the runners behind you. In every station there will be a medical service and a toilet.


There are also cheer zones along the course. Enervit gel points are located on the 15th and 33th kilometre on marathon course and on the 12th kilometre on half-marathon course.


On the marathon course there will be pacers for the following running times: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00 hours. On the half-marathon course there will be pacers for the following running time: 1:30; 1:45, 2:00 and 2:15. You will be able to recognize the pacers by their shirts. They will have the running time instead of the start number on their chest. They will also have balloons in their hands in the start corridors.

Medical service

It is possible to contact medical services along the course and at each refreshment station. Medical service is also available at the start/finish area. In case of an emergency please inform the medical personnel and the organizers. Medical personnel and organizers have the right to remove any participants with signs of injury or excessive strain from the race. In case of emergency call 112.

All participants have to respect clean and fair sport. The doping rules by International Association of Athletics IAAF are in effect and Estonian Anti-Doping Agency has the right to take samples. Additional information www.antidoping.ee


The finish is located at the Viru Gates. Finish will be closed at 19:00 on Saturday, 16:00 on Sunday. Please do not stay at or around the finish line - move quickly forward.


Medals will be given to all runners in the finish line! After the race all finishers have an opportunity to take Artic Sport sports drink or water.


After finishing the race all marathon runners are welcome to visit marathon area for relaxation on Freedom square. Entrance requires your start number.

Washing facilities

All participants are allowed to shower in Tallinna Spordihall (Tallinn’s Sportshall - located on Herne 30) and in Tallinn English College.


It is free of charge to all our participants by showing your BIB/start number.

Sport facilities opening times for showering:

7th of September 17.00- 21.00.

8th of September 11.00- 17.00.


There are changing facilities and gear check in the competition center on Freedom square.

On the race day you will be able to leave your gear bag to the collection point at the race area. All runners can use their own bag if it is properly closed. Gear check is free of charge for competitors.

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held according to the schedule. On marathon race 6 best men and 6 best women will be awarded. On half marathon 5 best men and 5 best women will be awarded. On the 10 km race 3 best men and 3 best women will be awarded. The winners of the different age classes will also be rewarded (only 1st places in marathon and half marathon). The winners of age classes are able to pick up the awards from the race office until 4 PM.

Cancelling and disqualification

Organizers have the right to remove a participant from the course if he/she does not arrive to the timekeeping point within time limit or does not finish before the finish area is closed.

The organisers have the right to disqualify a competitor if the competitor does not follow the competition’s rules, hinders other competitors or hampers the organisation of the competition in some other way.

Mesikäpp Children’s Races will be held on Saturday, 7th of September at 11 AM in Hirvepark. All children at the age of 2-12 are welcome!


The race shall be organized by age groups and separately for boys and girls.

Registration for children’s race is FREE.


Every kid who finishes the race will get a MEDAL, diploma and prizes from our sponsors!


Two Marathon World Champions - Lelisa Desisa (Ethiopia) and Ruth Chepngetich (Kenya) - take home the AIMS Best Marathon Runner (BMR) Awards for 2019


The Ethiopian distance runner Lelisa Desisa and Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich were tonight recognised as the male and female recipients of the ‘Best Marathon Runner’ Award for 2019 by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).


Their achievements were given global recognition in the birthplace of the Marathon in Athens, Greece tonight (Friday 8 November 2019) at the seventh annual AIMS Best Marathon Runner (BMR) Gala.