1. What is Tallink Maijooks virtual race? 

  • Tallink Maijooks virtual race means passing the 7 or 3 km distance between 1 and 31 May 2021 on a route and at a time suitable for you. 
  • You can take on the trail by running, walking or Nordic walking. After finishing the race, the participant must confirm it by entering their time on the Maijooks website.


2. When and where does the virtual race take place? 

Tallink Maijooks virtual race takes place between 1-31 May 2021 on a track selected by you. You can also choose the time within the given period. 


3. What is the virtual race distance?

Distances are:

  • 7 km timed race
  • 7 km not timed race
  • 3 km timed race


4. Who can participate in the virtual race?

  • All women and girls can participate in the virtual race who are capable of passing a 7 or a 3 km trail.
  • Participation in the virtual race is at one’s own risk (at the parent’s risk in case of a minor).


5. What is the deadline for signing up for the virtual race?

You can sign up for the virtual race in the jooks.ee portal until 31.05.2021.


6. How can I re-register?

Re-registration is done in the www.jooks.ee portal.
Re-registration is possible until 28.04.2021.
Re-registration is free.


7. Do I have to run the virtual race?

  • Virtual race can be passed by running, walking or Nordic walking. 
  • It is prohibited to use a car, bicycle or another vehicle for passing the distance. 


8. If I don’t have a smartphone or a sports watch, how can I participate in the virtual race?

In this case you will have to enter your result manually in the starting list. After finishing the 7 or 3 km distance, enter the times of starting and finishing the distance in the starting list.


9. How and where do I upload my result?

  • The results can be uploaded as a file or manually after your name in the starting list which is available in the jooks.ee portal. You can enter results until 4.06.2021 at 23:59.
  • As a file: open the Choose File window next to your name. Upload the file that is previously saved on your computer in a suitable format (.fit, .gpx, .pwr, tcx.). All manufacturers of common sports watches/applications allow downloading files at least in one of the mentioned formats.
  • To fix the result manually: enter the starting time, passed distance (7 or 3 km), finishing time and, if possible, take a picture of your result to check the data. 


10. Can I edit the result I uploaded?

Yes, you can edit your result until 04.06.2021 at 23:59


11. I have signed up for a not timed race. How do I confirm that I have passed the distance?

You can confirm passing the distance in the starting list on the Maijooks website between 1.05 and 4.06.2021. Look up your name from the starting list and select “passed the distance”. 


12. How do I get the virtual race bib?

Participants can download the bib from the Maijooks website from 29.04.2021. If you want to, you can print the bib and attach it to your shirt when passing the distance. The bib is not mandatory to wear it while passing the distance.


13. How do I receive the medal, diploma and the participant’s bonuses?

  • The medal and gift bag will be sent to you via parcel machine.
  • You can select the parcel machine after you have confirmed your result/participation. 
  • The medal and gift bag will be sent to the virtual race participants at the latest by 30.06.2021.
  • You can download the personal e-diploma from the finish protocol on the Maijooks website.
  • Offers from partners are added to the jooks.ee portal on 1.05.2021. You can find them under the “Offers” tab.


14. Who participate in the prize drawings?

Everyone who finishes the virtual race will participate in the partners’ prize drawings throughout the month of May. Winners are announced on the Maijooks website. 


15. How are the participants’ results recorded?

No official leader board is formed at the virtual race.
Unofficial finish protocol with times is published on the jooks.ee website.


16. What are the rules on the track? 

  • Participation at the virtual race is at one’s own risk. To ensure safety, all participants must follow traffic rules. The organiser shall not be responsible for health damages and for destruction or loss of personal property of the participant. 
  • Participating in the virtual race shall take place according to all valid general rules of movement. If a state of emergency is enforced in the country while the virtual race takes place, then the enforced restrictions and rules shall be followed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to litter nature, roads or streets.
  • It is prohibited to use a car, bicycle or another vehicle for passing the distance. Participating in the virtual race is based on honesty and mutual respect.


17. I was registered for the regular race and I was automatically re-registered for the virtual race. Do I need to do anything more?

No. If your name is in the virtual race participants list then you have been re-registered and you do not need to do anything more. If your name is not on the list for some reason, please contact jooks@jooks.ee.


18. I was registered for the regular race. Since this is not happening and I do not want to participate in the virtual race, what are my options?

You can postpone your participation to the next year’s Maijooks or ask for a refund. Deadline for postponing or requesting a refund is 28 April 2021. Read more here

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