Estonia’s largest movement event for women, Tallink Maijooks, is held as a virtual race this year from 1-31 May.


The largest spring-time movement event, Tallink Maijooks, which was supposed to take place on 21 May at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds unfortunately cannot happen this year in a normal format because of the restrictions enforced on public events, and due to the image of Maijooks it cannot be postponed either.

Everyone who loves active lifestyle and cares for their health can keep the spring-time Maijooks tradition alive and support the organisers by participating in the seven-kilometre Tallink Maijooks or three-kilometre RIMI Girls’ Race virtual race that takes place between 1 and 31 May. Runners and sports enthusiasts who had already signed up for this year’s event can transfer their registration to the 2022 event or participate in the virtual race.


You can participate in the virtual event that lasts for the entire month of May by running, walking or Nordic walking on a trail of your own choice. You can participate in the virtual race without having to gather in a large group. Everyone can pass the seven- or three-kilometre Maijooks race following the rules on a route and at a time of their own choosing. We are also planning virtual kids’ races which turned out to be very popular last year. After passing the selected distance, the participant must confirm the result in the portal. All virtual race participants will receive a unique medal and a gift from sponsors by mail.


This year’s Maijooks medals are inspired by the flower of life symbol which helps to unite people even while apart, fitting perfectly as the motivator for virtual race participants. Flower of life is a geometrical symbol in which a pattern made of circles creates an image of completely symmetrical flowers. It is believed that the flower of life encompasses life and connections between everything. Based on the spiritual meaning of the flower of life it is said that when kept close, the symbol helps to improve attention and focussing. Thus, everyone who receives the unique medal can hope to be even more creative, focussed and determined. 


Tallink Maijooks virtual race with RIMI Girls’ Race and kids’ races is held on 1-31 May 2021. Registration is open here

Maijooks is the health and movement event targeted at women with the largest participant numbers and longest tradition in Estonia. More than two hundred thousand awesome women have participated over the thirty years. The first Maijooks was held already in 1988.

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