Frequently asked questions

  • When and where will the Narva City Run take place?

    Narva City Run will take place on June, 9-10 in 2023, on the roads and streets of Narva.

  • In what distances can you participate?

    Half-marathon 21K

    5K running, walking or Nordic Walking

    Welcome Run 3K

  • How much does participation in the Narva City Run cost?


    1.04 - 31.05.2023 JUUNI
    Entry fee 25 € 30 €
    Seniors over 60 y and youth under 20 y 20 € 30 €
    Groups (from 10 participants) 22,5 € 30 €


    1.04 - 31.05.2023 JUUNI
    Entry fee 15 € 20 €
    Seniors over 60 y and youth under 20 y 12 € 20 €
    Groups (from 10 participants) 13,5 € 20 €
  • How can I register for the Narva City Run?

    You can register for Narva City Run in Customer Portal.

  • Is it possible to run the Narva City Run in a virtual run in 2023?

    No, you can't run the Narva City Run as a virtual run.

  • What happens if the Narva City Run does not take place?

    If the event cannot take place in the usual way, you can:

    • transfer the participation to the same distance of the Narva City Run in 2024
    • ask for a refund of the participation fee
  • What is registration protection?

    Registration protection is now included in the price for all registrations. If the event will be cancelled, you can choose between two options:

    • we will refun you 100%
    • we will transfer participation to Narva City Run 2024
  • Do I need to create account in Customer Portal to register?

    No, but creating an account offers several benefits such as:

    • possibility to re-register for another distance
    • possibility to re-register your registration to someone else
    • you can see where have you registered
    • access to all your invoices
    • faster and easier registration in the future
    • you will see the history of your results
  • If I register as a group, does all the participants have the have same distance?

    No. Each participant can choose the distance of their choice.

  • How can I re-register to another distance?

    • log into the Costomer Portal
    • select "my registrations" from the menu
    • select "change distance"
    • select a new distance
    • pay re-registration fee

    Re-registration no later than 13.05.2023 is free of charge. If you change the distance from one distance to another, you need to pay the difference.

    From 14.05.2023 re-registration can be done for an additional fee 10 € + difference between participation fees.

    Re-registration is possible until 27.05.2023 in Customer Portal

  • What happens if I can’t attend?

    If you are unable to participate, it is possible to transfer you participation to someone else. Re-registration can be done in Customer Portal.

    To change your name:

    • log into the Customer Portal
    • select "my registrations" from the menu
    • select "change participant"
    • fill in the fields for the new participant
    • a link will be emailed to the new entrant confirming the re-registration and paying the re-registration fee

    Re-registration can be done until 27.05.2023. Re-registration before 13.05.2023 is free of charge. 

  • Didn’t find the answer to your question?

    If you did not find the answer to your question, call us +372 608 7576 or write to us

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