The largest sports event in Ida-Virumaa, Narva Energy Run, will take place together with the Estonian half-marathon championship on Saturday, October 9


Due to the precarious situation caused by the coronavirus, the organizers together with the Estonian Athletics Association and the main sponsor Eesti Energia decided to postpone the largest sports event in Ida-Virumaa, which was to take place on 12 June, until the autumn. The tenth Narva Energy Run will take place on Saturday, October 9.

The Narva Energy Run program traditionally includes a 21,1-kilometer half marathon and a six-kilometer distance for runners and walkers, as well as children's runs.


In cooperation with the Athletics Association, the Estonian half-marathon championships have traditionally taken place in Narva.


The start-finish place of the largest sports event in Ida-Virumaa is located at the beginning of the riverside promenade by the beach building. The varied trail takes the participants to the territory of the historic Kreenholm Manufactory, crosses several streets and light traffic in the city of Narva and makes a crossroads to the Pähklimäe health trails, which have made a powerful development leap in Äkküla. All participants in the tenth Narva Energy Run will receive a unique jubilee medal.


Narva Energiajooks is an event created on the initiative of Eesti Energia, the City of Narva, the Ministry of Culture and the Club for Organizing Sports Events, the aim of which is to encourage people to engage in health sports and increase the importance of Ida-Virumaa in the Estonian cultural and sports landscape.


The Narva Energy Run, which has taken place since 2011, is the largest sports event in Ida-Virumaa in the last decade, having launched more than thirty thousand enthusiasts.


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