Important information for participants




Thursday, September 7th

10:00-19:00 Race office open

10:00-19:00 Expo open


Friday, September 8th

10:00-20:00 Race office open

10:00-20:00 Expo open

19:00 Nike Youth Run 5K


Saturday, September 9th

7:00-20:00 Race office open

9:00 Half-marathon 21K

10:00-20:00 Expo open

11:30-15:00 Limpa Kids’ Races

17:00 RIMI 10K


Sunday, September 10th

7:00-16:00 Race office open

9:00 Marathon 42K

10:00-16:00 Expo open





You can collect your bib from 7th of September on Freedom Square.


Race office is open:


Thursday, September 7th 10.00-19.00

Friday, September 8th 10.00-20.00

Saturday, September 9th 7.00-20.00

Sunday, September 10th 7.00-16.00


For the first time in Estonia, we'll be using on-site printing, which means we'll print the race bib when you come to pick it up. In order to make sure you get to the start on time, we recommend that you get your number as early as possible and do not leave it before the start.


TAKE NOTE! In order to receive your race bib, you must have the QR code that will be sent to each participant's email address.


The issuing of race bib's ends 30 minutes before the start.


Bib must be pinned to the front of the T-shirt so that the number is clearly visible. Bib is personal and non-transferable.


It is possible to buy a Tallinn Marathon 2023 official T-shirt at a discounted price and register for the 2024 LHV Women’s Run and Tallinn Marathon.







It is possible to buy a Tallinn Marathon 2022 official T-shirt. 


You as a participant can purchase the T-shirt at a discounted price of 14.95 € (full price 29.90 €). For all marathon participants, a T-shirt is included in the entry fee.






Tallinn Marathon will be the largest sport event in Northern Europe to abandon generation of waste from disposable packagings.


In Tallinn Marathon competition centre we use dishes from our economy partner Ringo: plates, lunch boxes, drinking cups, knives, and forks, which must be put in yellow collection boxes after use.










All participants will be able to leave their personal belongings, properly packed and sealed, at the gear check. One parcel per participant will be accepted. Gear check and changing tents are located in the Freedom Square.


Gear check is free of charge for the participants and is open:

Friday 8.09 from 17:00 to 20:30

Saturday 9.09 from 7:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00

Sunday 10.09 from 7:00 to 16:30

Don’t leave your things unattended! Take them to the gear check!





Shower facilities are available at all MyFitness clubs in Tallinn during club opening hours by showing your race bib. You can find the clubs here.



In addition, at the Tallinn English College Sports Hall during the following times by showing your race bib:


Friday, 8.09 from 19:00 to 20:30


Saturday, 9.09 from 11:00-14:00 and 17:30-20:00


Sunday 10.09 from 11:30 to 16:00, from 11:30 to 16:00





Only entrants with the official BIB for Tallinn Marathon 2023 will be permitted to compete in the race.


You can find yout start number from the list of participants.



BIB must be pinned to the front of the T-shirt so that the number is clearly visible. BIB is personal and non-transferable to someone else.

Timekeeping is electronic. The timing device is attached on the back of your BIB.
BIB must be worn on the chest and must be visible from start to finish. Do not cover the BIB with a jacket.

Do not fold or bend the start number in any way! In case of a damaged timing device your results may not be recorded! Do not cover the number with your hand while finishing, otherwise the result may not be recorded.



Tallinn Marathon starts will be given according to the programme on the foot of Toompea, on Falgi. road.

Please enter the starting corridor according to your start number.


A group start number 1-300
B group start number 301-1000
C groustart number 1001-2000
D group start number 2001-3000
E group start number 3001-4000
F group start number 4001-6000

G group start number 10001-12000 (10 K without timing )




Please note that there are no start groups in 5K Nike Youth Run.

NB! Take time to go to the start!





This year all race routes are single-lap and take participants to different locations in six districts of the capital. The course passes several sightseeing attractions and interesting places. Read more here.


Only participants with official bib are allowed to be on the course track. Spectators are not allowed on the course. Participating in any Tallinn Marathon distance with baby strollers or pets is not permitted.

For safety, the participants are obligated to follow the orders of the course adjudicators.


42K timing points are located in 5., 10., 15., 20., 25., 30., 35. and on the 21,1 km mark.

21K timing points are located in 5., 10., 15., 20 km mark.






Marathon and half-marathon refreshment stations are after every 3-5 km. 10K has two refreshment stations. Water and sport drinks are provided at the refreshment stations.


Refreshment stations offer water and sports drink from cups of the reusable packaging provider company Ringo. After use, the cup must be placed in the designated collection box.


Marathon and half-marathon refreshment stations offer in different stations bananas, sugar, bread and salt.


Enervit gel stations are on 20th and 34th km on marathon distance. On 11th km on half-marathon distance.





On the marathon course there will be pacers for the following running times: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 5:00 and 5:30.


On the half-marathon course there will be pacers for the following running time: 1:30, 1:45 and 2:00.


Pacemakers have start numbers with their planned finishing times on their chest and back. In the start group, you can find them by

balloon with their predicted time.








The 10K, 21K and 42K finish line is at the foot of Toompea, on Falgi road. Nike Youth Run finish line is on Freedom Square.


After finishing do not stop but move forward along the finish corridor.


After the finish all participants will be given a medal and a finish drink.


All marathon runners (42.195 km) can visit the marathon rest area, on the terrace of Varblase café next to the Freedom Square and recovery area next to the race office. You can enter the marathon area only with the 42 km start number.


There will be a recovery area for half marathon participants next to the race office.






The Tallinn Marathon programme on 8. - 10.  September will bring several changes to traffic and public transport in the capital.


More about





For all participants of the Tallinn Marathon, Tallinn public transport will be free during the period 8.-10. September 2023.


A QR ticket must be validated at the bottom of the rectangular orange validator located at the front door of the public transport vehicle: place the QR code displayed on a smart device screen or printed on paper in front of the code reader screen situated at the lower part of the rectangular validator


QR code                                  TRAFFIC INFO




The awards ceremony will be held according to the programme on Freedom Square.

On marathon race 8 best men and 8 best women will be awarded.

On half marathon 5 best men and 5 best women will be awarded.

On the 10 km race 3 best men and 3 best women will be awarded.

On the 5 km race 3 best men and 3 best women will be awarded.


The winners of the different age classes will be determined on the basis of the finish protocols. The winners of the different age classes will also be rewarded (only 1st places in marathon and half marathon). The winners of age classes are able to pick up the awards on competition day only from the race office until 16:00.


Friday, September 8th

19:15 Karl Killing & villemdrillem

19:45 Award ceremony 5K

19:55 Karl Killing & villemdrillem

20:30 DJ JoJo


Saturday, September 9th

11:00 Award ceremony 21K

17:30 Tallinn Police Orchestra

18:00 Nordic Police Marathon Championship opening ceremony

19:00 Award ceremony 10K


Sunday, September 10th

13:00 Award ceremony 42K






The Limpa Kids’ Races will take place at Snelli Stadium starting at 11:30.


You can register in Customer Portal until 7.09.2022 at 17:00 or on the day of event. Kids' Races are free of charge.


The distance is approx. 300 m. All children aged 2-12 are welcome to participate.


All kids’ race participants will be awarded a medal and Limpa drink.







Time Age
11.30 2-3-year-old boys and girls
11.55 4-year-old boys and girls
12.20 5-year-old boys and girls
12.45 6-year-old boys and girls
13.10 7-year-old boys and girls
13.35 8-year-old boys and girls
14.00 9-12-year-old boys and girls



Limpa Kids' Races location


Tallinna linn
World Athletics
Running For All
A. Le Coq
Sky Plus
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