1.1. Nike Youth Run (hereafter 5K) is part of Tallinn Marathon and takes place on 08.09.2023.

    1.2. Organiser: Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi with partners. 

    1.3. 5K distance is organised according to the competition rules of the World Athletics (WA) and the Estonian Athletic Association (EKJL), and these following regulations. 


    2.1. Participation in 5K distance is at one’s own risk (for underage participants, the risk of their parents). 

    2.2. Everyone who is aged 13-29 and is sufficiently trained for this distance can participate in the 5K distance.

    2.3. In exceptional cases, younger children between the ages of 7 and 12 will also allowed on the track, with parental permission and under the responsibility of the parent.

    2.4. The organisers recommend passing a health examination before participation.

    2.5. Participating in 5K distance with baby strollers or pets is not permitted.

    2.6. The limit for participants on 5K distance is 3000 participants.


    3.1. The competition centre has:

    3.1.1. Race office (BIBs, on-the-spot registration)

    3.1.2. Dressing facilities and gear check

    3.1.3. Toilets

    3.1.4. Bicycle park

    3.1.5. Awarding area (stage)

    3.1.6. Sports expo

    3.1.7. Medical aid

  • 4. START

    4.1. The 5K start will be located at the Freedom Square.

    4.2. Start corridor opens 30 minutes before the start.

    4.3. Only registered participants with 2023 BIBs and Nike Youth Run T-shirts are allowed to enter the starting corridor. 

    4.4. Only the participant who has registered for the race can race with their own BIB.

  • 5. COURSE

    5.1. 5K distance is held on the streets and light traffic roads of Tallinn.

    5.2. For safety, the participants are obligated to follow the orders of the course.

  • 6. FINISH

    6.1. 5K finish will be located on the Freedom Square.

    6.2. After finishing, move along the finish corridor to the service area, where the participants will receive their medal.


    7.1. Registration is open in the Customer Portal at until the limit will be reached or until 07.09.2022 at 17.00 or during the competition week in the race office.

    7.2. Groups can register at Customer Portal until 31.08.2023.

    7.3. To register, fill in the registration form.


    8.1. Re-registration can be done, when signing into the Customer Portal at
    8.2. Re-registration is possible until 25.08.2023.

    8.3. Re-registration before 11.08.2023 is for free. If you change the distance from one distance to another, you need to pay the difference.

    8.4. From 12.08.2023 re-registration can be done for an additional fee in Customer Portal at The overpaid participation fee will not be refunded.

    8.4.1. Name change costs 10 €.

    8.4.2. Distance change costs 10 € + participation fees difference.

    8.5. The overpaid participation fee will not be refunded. 



    Entry fee 25 €

    9.1. If Nike Youth Run is cancelled due to reasons independent from the organiser, the participation will be transferred to the Nike Youth Run 2024 or to the Tallinn Marathon Virtual Run or the participation fee will be refunded.

    9.2. If a participant cannot take part due to health reasons, it is possible to register for the same distance in 2024 by submitting a medical certificate before 04.09.2023. If the participation is postponed, the starting materials for 2023 cannot be retrieved.

    9.3. It is possible to apply for a 50% refund by presenting a medical certificate before 04.09.2023.

    9.4. If a registered participant wishes to cancel their registration, participation fee will not be refunded. 


    10.1. BIB

    10.2. Medal

    10.3. Time measuring

    10.4. Electronic diploma

    10.5. Gear check, dressing facilities, toilets, medical aid if necessary

    10.6. Beverage at the finish

    10.7. Track designation and security

    10.8. Nike Youth Run T-shirt

    10.9. Registration protection*

    * Registration protection - In case of cancellation of the event: according to the participant's wish, whether the participation fee will be refunded in full, or the participation will be transferred to the Tallinn Marathon Virtual Run or to the Nike Youth Run 2024.

  • 11. TIMING

    11.1. In 5K distance timing is measured electronically.

    11.2. Timing is done by a chip attached on the back of the BIB.

    11.3. Do not remove the chip from the BIB and do not fold the BIB.

    11.4. The BIB must be placed on the chest and must be visible throughout the course, from start until crossing the finish line.

    11.5. When finishing, do not cover the BIB with your hand, otherwise your time may not be recorded.

  • 12. RESULTS

    12.1. Results are published at


    13.1. Medical aid is available along the course, if needed.

    13.2. If you see someone at the course who needs help, please inform the medical staff or organising personnel on the course or by calling 112.

    13.3. Event participants will respect clean and fair sport. IAAF’s anti-doping rules apply at the event and the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency has the right to test all participants for doping. More information for the participants is available at


    14.1. In case of obvious medical problems, the organisers have the right to call a participant off the course.


    15.1. Awarding the fastest takes place at the competition centre according to the schedule.

    15.2. 3 fastest men and 3 fastest women of the 5K distance are awarded.

    15.3. According to the competition rules, all winners awarded with a prize must come to the award ceremony. 

  • 16. APPEALS

    16.1. All appeals concerning the event results, breach of rules, etc. must be made:
    • for the first 50 finishers, within 1h after the 50th runner has finished,
    • for the other finishers within 30 minutes after the finish is closed.
    • Appellation fee is 20 €, which will be refunded only if the protest is upheld.
    • All appeals concerning the competition are solved by the competition organiser.
    16.2. Cases not covered by the rules will be settled by the organiser on a rolling basis.

    17.1. The organiser has the right to disqualify the participant if they do not follow, Nike Youth Run, World Athletics (WA) nor the Estonian Athletic Association (EKJL) competition rules.

    17.2. The organiser has the right to use photos and videos taken at the event.

    17.3. If Nike Youth Run is cancelled due to reasons independent from the organiser, the participation will be transferred to the Nike Youth Run 2023 or to the Tallinn Marathon Virtual Run or the participation fee will be refunded. If a registered participant wishes to cancel his/her registration, their participation fee will not be refunded.

    17.4. By registering and paying the starting fee, the participant will:

    17.4.1. agrees with these rules and regulations, and the conditions provided by the organiser;

    17.4.2. agrees that their personal data is used according to the laws and regulations;

    17.4.3. agrees that an e-mail with relevant information for the participant (the participant’s manual) is sent to them before the event);

    17.4.4. confirms that they have had sufficient training and they are healthy enough to take part in the sports event.

  • Organiser

    MTÜ Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi

    +372 608 7576

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