Kids' Virtual Race

⭐️ 1.- 30. septmeber, 2023


We invite to take part in the Virtual Kids’ Race of Tallinn Marathon all children aged up to 12 years.

We recommend to choose the length of a course according to the child’s age and fitness level:

  • for children aged 4 years we recommend completion of a 300 m distance
  • for 5-year-olds and older children we recommend a 500 m distance


All participants who will confirm their participation in the start list during the period between 1st September and 2nd of October will receive a medal that will be delivered by post!

The start number can be downloaded from the start list from 1 September.

⭐️ Registration

Registration for Virtual Kids’ Race of Tallinn Marathon takes place in the customer portal until September 30

Participation fee is 3 € (incl. delivery of the medal).


⭐️ Confirmation of participation

Completion of the track must be confirmed between 1 September - 2 October in the start list.

Start list is published on this website on 1 September.

In order to confirm participation, find the name of the child in the start list and press “confirm participation”. After confirmation of participation, please enter your postal address to which the medal of the Virtual Kids’ Race of Tallinn Marathon will be sent.

In case of non-confirmation of participation or withdrawal of the competitor's own free will, the participation fee will not be refunded.




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