Heino Lipp Memorial &
Estonian Championships in Shot Put
Friday, June 24
in Mailda village, Ida-Viru County


1. General provisions


1.1 Applicability of guide

This Guide is in compliance with the Competition Rules of World Athletics (hereinafter WA) and competition regulations of the Estonian Athletic Association (Eesti Kergejõustikuliit; hereinafter EAA).

1.2 Adherence to guide

Adherence to this Guide is mandatory for all organizers and competition participants.

1.3 Interpretation of guide

During the competition, resolving of issues not defined in this Guide or issues that may be interpreted in a number of ways falls within the competence of the Chief Judge of the competition, the technical delegate of the EAA, and the representative of the competition organizer.


2. Organization rights

2.1 Right of organization of Estonian Athletics Championships

The exclusive right to organize the Estonian Athletics Championships is held by the EAA that in compliance with clause 3.1 of the Estonian Athletics Championships Guide has delegated the carrying out of the 2022 Estonian Championships in Shot Put to the Sport Event Team (Spordiürituste Korraldamise Klubi; hereinafter SET). The Estonian Championships in Shot Put take place alongside the Heino Lipp Memorial competition.


3. Objectives of competition

Preservation and carrying forward of the memory of Heino Lipp, sports hero from Ida-Viru County, through the organization of a high-level competition.


4. Program and procedure of competition

4.1 Name of competition

HEINO LIPP 100 – Heino Lipp Memorial & Estonian Championships in Shot Put (hereinafter competition).

4.2 Organizers

The competition is carried out by SET in cooperation with the EAA and Lüganuse rural municipality.

4.3 Time and place of competition

The competitions take place on June 24, 2022 in Mailda village, Ida-Viru County.

1:30 PM women’s shot put

3:00 PM men’s shot put

4.4 Leading of competition

The competition is led by the Chief Judge of the Estonian Championships in cooperation with the EAA technical delegate, an EAA representative, and a SET representative.

The Chief Judge of the Estonian Championships and the EAA technical delegate are appointed by the EAA.


5. Terms and conditions of participation

5.1 Competition participants

Athletes that comply with the participation requirements of the Estonian Championships and the terms and conditions of the Championships Guide as well as invited foreign competitors may take part in the competition.

5.2 Competitors must be eligible to compete under WA regulation ER 3.
5.3 Preregistering for competition

To participate in the Estonian Championships, a completed online registration form must be submitted to the organizers in due time. Invited foreign competitors are registered for the competition based on their participation confirmation.


6. Technical terms and conditions of competition

6.1 Competition numbers

Competition numbers are issued at the assembly point at the competition venue no later than 1 hour before the start of the event included in the competition program. Competition numbers must be worn in compliance with competition regulations.

6.2 Registration of participants at assembly point

Registration for events takes place at the assembly point and closes 30 minutes before the start of the competition event. Competitors that have not registered and/or appear at the event venue without being so instructed are not allowed to participate in the event.

6.3 Competition attire and footwear. Object prohibited at competition venues

Competitors' attire and footwear must fully comply with requirements set forth in WA regulations and rules. Bringing mobile phones, audio players, radios, etc. to and using these devices at the competition venue is prohibited.

6.4 Competition equipment

Only WA-certified 7.26 kg and 4 kg shots may be used at the competition.

Personal shots are accepted for inspection no later than 1 hour before the start of the respective event. The brand of such personal shots must be identifiable upon visual inspection and the shots must have a valid WA certificate.

6.5 Performing attempts

Competitors in the Estonian Championships have 3 attempts as a result of which are identified the best eight who will have an additional 3 finals attempts. Invited foreign competitors have 6 attempts. After the third attempt, the finalists of the Estonian Championship are regrouped together with the invited foreign competitors, and the last three attempts are performed in a joint reverse order.

6.6 Protests and appeals

Protests and appeals related to the competition may be filed and will be resolved in compliance with provisions of the Estonian Championships Guide.


7. Award ceremony

7.1 Award ceremony for winners and participants of HEINO LIPP 100 – Heino Lipp Memorial

All participants of the men's and women's shot put competition at Heino Lipp Memorial will be awarded with HEINO LIPP 100 souvenirs and prizes from sponsors.

The best six men and women of the Memorial receive the following cash prizes: 1st place - 1,000 euros, 2nd place - 700 euros, 3rd place - 500 euros, 4th place - 200 euros, 6th place - 100 euros.

If the Memorial’s current record is broken, the new record holder will be awarded a bonus of 1,000 euros. If the record is broken several times during the competition, the winner of the competition will be awarded the record bonus.

Heino Lipp Memorial records: men 20.78 Georgi Ivanov (Bulgaria, 2013); women 15.86 Kätlin Piirimäe (Estonia, 2018).

20% income tax applicable in the Republic of Estonia is withheld from all cash prizes.


8. Funding

8.1 Competitors’ travel expenses

Travel costs of the Estonian Championships participants are borne by the sending club or the individual athlete. Travel expenses of invited participants are borne by SET.

8.2 Costs related to organization and carrying out of competition

All costs related to the organization and carrying out of the competition are borne by SET. Costs related to the Estonian Championships medals and prizes are born by the EAA.



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